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Looking for fanfic? My writing is posted at zoi_prose.

This journal is friends only. If you'd like to read my journal, please leave a comment and let me know who you are, how we know each other, and why you want to be reading my journal. If you like what I like or read my Dark City fics, I'll love you forever. XD

Dear Yule Writer 2016!

Hello, dear Yule writer! I'm so excited that we matched and I hope you have a great time Yuletiding for me! Please be assured that I am SUPER easy to please. All I want for Christmas is Kiefer. :3

Signup Summary:
AO3 name: Zoi no miko (zoi_no_miko)
Dark City - John, Daniel
Flatliners - Nelson, Dave
Mirrors - any (Ben, Larry, Angie, or Daisy)

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Writing Tables

Current ongoing fanfic prompt challenges:

Challenge: fanfic100 - completed!
Claim: Dark City (mostly Murdoch/Schreber)
Dark City - Fanfic 100Collapse )

Challenge: 50kinkyways
Claim: All Kiefer Sutherland characters. I'm aware this is kind of cheating, but I'm treating this as more of a kink bingo than a pairing specific challenge. That being said, most of it will probably end up being Phone Booth slash just by virtue of that pairing dynamic. XD
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Challenge: 7_deadly_sins_ - Completed
Claim: Jack Bauer / Tony Almeida (24)
Jack/Tony - Seven Deadly SinsCollapse )

Challenge: fanfictarot - Completed
Claim: John Murdoch / Daniel Schreber (Dark City)
Dark City - Fanfic TarotCollapse )

Person of Interest

I made the mistake of THINKING, ug, and realized that the Reese/Finch dynamic is basically like,

Ben/Daniel, but with Larry murdered just when Ben's made the decision to leave Amy

And Daniel having to fake his death to keep an (obviously not supernatural) John safe knowing that he'll never be able to be with him again

So they're two broken halves that used to be whole and they don't quite fit together but this neverending quest to save the world one person at a time is so important that they somehow form a perfect circle when together even if they still have huge holes inside them (god I might have to use this line sometime)

aka OW THEY HURT ME SO BAD ;_____; and I love it, obs.


Humans Panel at MGM Comicon (Which is like an hour long so I wasn't going to bother watching until I realized Will was on stage)

When asked about working with William Hurt (17min) he talks about how passionate Hurt was about just wanting to talk about the ideas and philosophies around synths. Then when he's asked about downtime between takes (35min) he talks about getting so animated talking about all the creative ideas around the series and -

- and now all I can see is George and Odi excitedly chattering about the laws of robotics and the ethics of creating artificial intelligence and I just - I CAN'T HANDLE THIS PLEASE SEND HELP.

Dear YuleGoat!

Hello, dear Yule writer! I'm so excited that we matched and I hope you have a great time Yuletiding for me! Please be assured that I am SUPER easy to please. All I want for Christmas (still) is Kiefer -

Oh god what’s happening? Humans is nominated? Oh be still my little broken heart what a wrench this throws in my Yuletide!

Signup Summary:
Dark City - John, Daniel
Flatliners - Nelson, Dave
Mirrors - any (Ben, Larry, Angie, or Daisy)
Humans - George, Odi

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Not Prime Time Letter :D

Oh, by the way, flisters, not_primetime is Open for signups. Like Yuletide, but with bigger fandoms. :D

PS, this year I'm -not- requesting Revolution. :p

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Calling all Twitter users? :D

Myself and the rest of Team CheeseburgerLoveshilarium would love it if you could do us this solid and follow this on Twitter for a week or so: https://twitter.com/beepbeep700

More followers = more bonus points, and if we are to achieve our dream of partying with Misha then we need all the help we can get :D

Please to be giving me Noir Garcia???

Kill Me, Deadly - A Film Noir Comedy AKA Kirsten Vangsness' Kickstarter.
(AKA Criminal Mind's Penelope Garcia. :D )

Film's half done, but they need another 200k to finish. Donation levels range from $5 to $10k, but a sleek $35.00 gets you a digital copy of the film when complete, the production e-book, fashion tips from Garcia Kirsten and other cute stuff. $50 for all that AND a DVD.


Also Rossi's in it looking awesome. And Shemar Moore's apparently a very sexy piano player. Complementing Kirsten's tits. XD

This happened Sunday, and I had to snap a picture because I knew it would make you lovely MH ladies like ashbet squee from cute.

These two have been entering the family costume contest at the Calgary Expo for three years now and he's always SO excited to dress up with his daughter. I can't remember what they were last year, but the first year they were "Daddy Batman and Robyn with a 'Y'"



I started telling my roomie about it and she was like, "Oh yeah, I remember him buying his accessories at my shop." XD

Dear... NotPrimeTime-Goat?

Oh, by the way, flisters, not_primetime is Open for signups. Like Yuletide, but with bigger fandoms. Figure it's worth a shot.

I'm actually kind of stoked for this, 'cause it might give me the excuse to write in some fandoms I normally wouldn't play in. :D

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ARG. Watched great little indie movie. Really legitimately good. Except actor crush ended up being a complete asshole. I really want to bitch about this but I feel that someone else might legitimately want to watch the movie, and it'd probably end up being a spoiler, so instead I will sit and shake my fist at movie quietly.

(but oh god he wa so fucking hot.)


Feb. 13th, 2013

You know what, livejournal? I was going to post a great insightful link with all my thoughts and feels, but I'm so pissed off at your new posting interface that I'm going back to fucking Tumblr.

Fuck you. Yeah, that's right. Up the bum. Not in good ways.

(Although really, I should use the fuck out of you - with huge pictures!! - since I paid for my perm account LONG ago and will only cost you money! FUCKA-YOU.)

Hello, holdidays. And viruses.

Well, I got hit with a roto/notovirus right after boxing day and spent 24 hours vomiting etc, and now I've got a cough/cold that may or may not be smoking inflicted, so I'm pretty much grumpy about ALL the things, especially because I really desire to write some hot porn and just... CAN'T. Though it has given me a lot of time to read Yuletide (and play facebook games.) And to let the cat lay all over me like the needy little bitch she is. =^.^=

On the upside, I finally got my first Rec for Yuletide. Twice! I feel kind of undeserving, if only because the fandom is very friendly to recs and I'm the only one that wrote in it, but at the same time doing the writing was super challenging and I fretted a lot about not being able to do justice to the canon, so... it does feel really good. :3

I always feel like I want to do a rec post, but the problem is that I always end up wanting to recommend pretty much EVERYTHING written in MY tiny fandoms. So I'll just round them up here. And all the fics I got are A-MAZ-ING and lovely and filled me with squee. I posted them to darkcity_fic on Christmas without realizing I should probably put them here, too....

Please enjoy the shit out of these with me, and if you have the chance leave some Yule-love for the authors in comments!

Title: John Murdoch, John Murdoch
Pairing: John/Daniel, 7455 words
Summary: “Who are you?” “We might ask the same question, yes?”
Rec: Omg. I was so completely caught up in this tale. I'm always SO in awe of people that can deliver on plot (Because I can't.) Great built of tension and mystery and great slow build of relationship. I'm so stoked to re-read this in the days that follow.

Title: Forest for the Trees
Pairing: John/Daniel, 1028 words
Summary: Years after the city has moved on, one small accident changes John's perspective.
Rec: TREES!! I never expected to be so completely delighted by trees, ever! It's such a delightful little piece and made me squee with mushy happiness and I love the little world building ideas that sneak into it as well.

Annnd, since I like to perv on other people's gifts:
Title: The Things You Never Lose
Pairing: John/Daniel, 4229 words
Summary: 'It is quite simple, John. Nothing is real. Nothing you remember, nothing from before that night that you woke up in the hotel room, happened. Until you make it real.'
Rec: OMNOMNOM HOT SEX. That's clearly all I need to say.


Last but not least... Flatliners! <3 <3 <3

Title: Cruelest Cut of All
Pairing: David Labraccio/Nelson Wright, 3707 words
Summary: Nelson is broken. He's sick, somehow, and David just knows that he could save him. David is the only one who can keep up with him, the only one who can meet him on equal ground and force Nelson to acknowledge him. Only... Nelson doesn't want to be saved. Nelson refuses to be saved. And, as always, that cuts worst of all."
Rec: Omg. Introspective, self-proclaimed asshole Dave and broken, broken Nelson~! I love it so much.

Shadow in the Rose Garden - chp 12

Title: Shadow in the Rose Garden
Fandom: Dark City / Mirrors / etc
Characters: Larry Byrne/Ben Carson, Amy Carson, Anna/May, John Murdoch, etc
Rating: NC17 overall
Summary: Ben finally confronts his lover about wanting to leave Vegas, but ends up having to make some hard decisions himself....

Happy Sunday!

It wasn"t just sex, though. Not at all. And that was the biggest lie I was telling myself.Collapse )


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