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Hello, holdidays. And viruses.

Well, I got hit with a roto/notovirus right after boxing day and spent 24 hours vomiting etc, and now I've got a cough/cold that may or may not be smoking inflicted, so I'm pretty much grumpy about ALL the things, especially because I really desire to write some hot porn and just... CAN'T. Though it has given me a lot of time to read Yuletide (and play facebook games.) And to let the cat lay all over me like the needy little bitch she is. =^.^=

On the upside, I finally got my first Rec for Yuletide. Twice! I feel kind of undeserving, if only because the fandom is very friendly to recs and I'm the only one that wrote in it, but at the same time doing the writing was super challenging and I fretted a lot about not being able to do justice to the canon, so... it does feel really good. :3

I always feel like I want to do a rec post, but the problem is that I always end up wanting to recommend pretty much EVERYTHING written in MY tiny fandoms. So I'll just round them up here. And all the fics I got are A-MAZ-ING and lovely and filled me with squee. I posted them to darkcity_fic on Christmas without realizing I should probably put them here, too....

Please enjoy the shit out of these with me, and if you have the chance leave some Yule-love for the authors in comments!

Title: John Murdoch, John Murdoch
Pairing: John/Daniel, 7455 words
Summary: “Who are you?” “We might ask the same question, yes?”
Rec: Omg. I was so completely caught up in this tale. I'm always SO in awe of people that can deliver on plot (Because I can't.) Great built of tension and mystery and great slow build of relationship. I'm so stoked to re-read this in the days that follow.

Title: Forest for the Trees
Pairing: John/Daniel, 1028 words
Summary: Years after the city has moved on, one small accident changes John's perspective.
Rec: TREES!! I never expected to be so completely delighted by trees, ever! It's such a delightful little piece and made me squee with mushy happiness and I love the little world building ideas that sneak into it as well.

Annnd, since I like to perv on other people's gifts:
Title: The Things You Never Lose
Pairing: John/Daniel, 4229 words
Summary: 'It is quite simple, John. Nothing is real. Nothing you remember, nothing from before that night that you woke up in the hotel room, happened. Until you make it real.'
Rec: OMNOMNOM HOT SEX. That's clearly all I need to say.


Last but not least... Flatliners! <3 <3 <3

Title: Cruelest Cut of All
Pairing: David Labraccio/Nelson Wright, 3707 words
Summary: Nelson is broken. He's sick, somehow, and David just knows that he could save him. David is the only one who can keep up with him, the only one who can meet him on equal ground and force Nelson to acknowledge him. Only... Nelson doesn't want to be saved. Nelson refuses to be saved. And, as always, that cuts worst of all."
Rec: Omg. Introspective, self-proclaimed asshole Dave and broken, broken Nelson~! I love it so much.

Shadow in the Rose Garden - chp 12

Title: Shadow in the Rose Garden
Fandom: Dark City / Mirrors / etc
Characters: Larry Byrne/Ben Carson, Amy Carson, Anna/May, John Murdoch, etc
Rating: NC17 overall
Summary: Ben finally confronts his lover about wanting to leave Vegas, but ends up having to make some hard decisions himself....

Happy Sunday!

It wasn't just sex, though. Not at all. And that was the biggest lie I was telling myself.Collapse )

Dear Yule!Goat

Well, by now this shouldn't be a surprise....

All I want for Yuletide is some Kiefer.Collapse )

Happy Spanksgiving!!

Writing. Tattoo finished. Dinner with family. Need to sew Halloween costume.

I want to try and finish the 4th part of Halcyon Days. Maybe with sex in it? That would be nice. I've been shitty at writing lately but I want to finish it up before NaNo starts. I wasn't going to do it, but then I got it with a plot stick this afternoon and I might actually give it a try? It was really tough last year and I have just as many time commitments this year so I'm not above cheating to get my free book at the end, but I'd like to actually finish for my own price. Might include my Yuletide fic in my word count.

I'm gonna do an AU that'll be the kind of AU that's so far removed from the source material that it really might as well be an original story, kind of like the corporate AU I did over the summer. I just don't like writing original because it feels too much like I'm trying to be a Serious Author. And then there's all these different standards and measures of success that I really don't want to have to deal with because this is just fun for me, really. It's easier to just say Hey, this is just Fanfiction, I don't expect it to ever go anywhere anyway. Then I can fill it with as much unnecessary and gratuitous sex as I want. :D

(I'm still of the opinion that the best way to hit 50k for Nano is to have a plot with multiple couples that all need to have sex. :D)

My other arm got finished today. Sam took pics on her iPhone, which I have to admit, has a far superior camera to almost any other phone.
phoenix 6.5 hrs
SO PRETTY. <3 I was kind of sad that it was my last appointment with Sam, though! I luff her.
It's kind of hard to explain this tattoo to people. Essentially she's me, but not like, ACTUALLY me. Just a representation of all of awesome this stuff that I love. I could call her my Muse, but in reality my muse is a gay ginger dude. I guess she's my non-writing muse. My Art muse.

Going for Thanksgiving dinner with family tomorrow. Gonna be the longest commute ever. I might as well be driving to Edmonton. Fuck my life. Maybe I'll charge up the Netbook and try and do some writing on the way?

Thursday the roomie and I had this hipsterriffic Thanksgiving dinner with Paris and his roomie, my roomie's BF. (Ex bf? Technically she dumped him but now he's all romantic and attentive so I think maybe she's taking him back? Eh. I like the guy.) It was delicioussss. We all kind of brought various ingredients and cooked it and drank all the wine and smoked pot and ate way too much. I broke out the bottle of Shiraz ice wine I picked up in Niagra, and we had it with pie and whipped cream. AMAZING. They really feel more like family to me than my actual family (not that they'd touch ice wine) so it felt appropriate. :)

Then on Monday I'm going to spend the day making my living room sparkle. I want to finish as much of my Jessica Rabbit dress as possible on Monday so I'm not rushing to sew when I get back from San Fran. Gonna be hot. I hope. I feel a little self conscious because she's such a sex bomb and I'm still not quite where I want to be. But this is about what I weight when I started dating Ronnie, and I was really confident about myself at the time, so it seems like a good celebration of getting back to that. ^___^


I'm happy I'm back to a DDD cup. I'm fucking STOKED, actually. Because it opens up my selections of bras-under-$100 from like... 2 styles to a good dozen or more.
(not even taking into account that I'm back into size 14-16 and can shop at regular stores again...)

But I want huge yaya han boobs for Jessica Rabbit. I fully planned to sew an old bra into the dress in the assumption that wearing a new bra would fill out the old one.

I was wrong. :( I have... dents in my boobs. Should I stuff them? How would you even go about stuffing a bra between a bra and another bra???

Day one down.

Well. Everyone showed up (albeit a bit late in some cases) and all the classes happened properly and minor twists I managed to solve. With some notes for next time. (never sandman hotels again, seriously... and never Joeys, either.)

Then to celebrate I came home and cooked all the delicious food, including the gooeys Croque Madame evar.


Kiefer-related Community Pimp

Apologies to you darlings who have already seen this, but I thought some members here might be interested in:

A place for all things Dark City:


I have created a new fandom community: darkcity_fic - for any and all fan work and discussion related to the 1998 film, Dark City.

Why should you join? Well, it's mine and it's sexy and the movie is awesome. It's a good chance to share and create fanwork and discuss the film with fellow fans. And, should you join, I promise to post recs to fanwork at least once a week that I've collected over the years for your viewing pleasure. (More Kiefer!)

Please join darkcity_fic

A place for all things Dark City:


With the encouragement of "If you build it, they will come", I have created a new fandom community: darkcity_fic - for any and all fan work and discussion related to the 1998 film, Dark City.

Why should you join? Well, it's mine and it's sexy and the movie is awesome. It's a good chance to share and create fanwork and discuss the film with fellow fans.

And, should you join, I promise to post recs to fanwork at least once a week that I've collected over the years for your viewing pleasure.

So please, join darkcity_fic! (Even if it's just to pad community numbers so I can start whoring myself out to affiliates... I mean, even just to make me happy.) :D


FSC: Day 5 - Beyond Fandom

Fandom Snowflake Challenge - Day 5.
In your own space, share something non-fannish you are passionate about with your fannish friends.

This was actually difficult, because while I DO have interests that aren't overtly fandom, they're all kinda tied to fandom. Sewing? I mostly cosplay, which = fandom. Rock music = bandom = fandom (because even though I don't slash my current favorite rock stars, I've -definitely- slashed rock bands in the past....) My roommate's a rock star and we won't even talk about my fucking absent cat ;_;, and even though I loved art in high school I got in trouble all the time for drawing anime.

Briefly, I began to think that everything in my life was fandom. Other than work.

Then I thought about New Years. And I realized ... I gotta come clean about this.
It might shock a few people.
Some of you may even lose faith in me.
But here goes.

I... really fucking love Dubstep.



What's Dubstep, you say? Well, musically, Bassnectar does a bang up job of explaining it here. In actuality, well... have a listen. :D

I've come to really appreciate a lot of electronic music actually... Jungle, Glitch Hop, Progressive, Electro-House there's really great music in all these genres.
It started off easy with stuff like Conjure One and Delirium, got amped up with The Glitch Mob, and when my roomie played me Deadmau5's "Raise Your Weapon" I realized that dubstep might actually be pretty good. Then I heard Tiesto play the Benny Benassi remix of My Otherside by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Chase and Status's Flashing Lights (wicked vid. Don't do drugs.) and I was completely hooked.

At first I wasn't sure why this dirty, bassy wubwubwubwub ate my brain. Then I remembered the how I used to lose myself in the beautiful noise that was Dir en Grey's Schwei no Isu (and similar) and it made a bit more sense. I like dirty, noisy music. :D

Anyway. Here's some of the stuff I've been listening to lately:

Rusty Meeks - Bear Grinder (ft Radiohead's Hunting Bears. Technically drumstep.)

M.I.A. vs HavocNdeeD - Vindictive Planes (KUANA Mashup)

Dub FX - Step on My Trip (not exactly dubstep, but AWESOME.)

All of Korn's - The Path Of Totality album. Rock AND dirty electronica! YES PLS.

And yeah... some Skrillex. Say what you want, but his production is top notch. Deadmau5 was probably a good influence. I'm partial to Cinema (who isn't?) and First of the Year (Equinox) AKA the video with the pedophile getting the shit kicked out of him.

I also really appreciate Excision, Datsik, Zedd's Dead, Bassnectar and Flux Pavilion, but they're more a live/club experience then just day to day music listening.

PS: Those first two are super talented guys from my 'hood. Give them some love. <3

FSC: Day 2

Fandom Snowflake Challenge Day 2In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create. Drop a link to your post in the comments. See if you can rec fanworks that are less likely to be praised: tiny fandoms, rare pairings, fanworks other than stories, lesser known kinks or tropes. Find fanworks that have few to no comments, or creators new to a particular fandom and maybe aren't well known or appreciated. Appreciate them.

Oh man, THIS is way tougher than the first. Not because I don't like reccing, because I do, but because narrowing it down is tough. And I'm so biased towards my tiny fandoms and my friends (though argumentatively I only spend time following good writers.
Then there's the reccing small/underappreciated, which automatically disqualifies rec staples like the Inception Mental Ward AU and the X-Men:FC with Azazel having his dirty way with Charles and probably most of Rio/Quo's writing.

Dark City - Control by kurushi. Every experiment needs a control group. But The City is a very complex experiment, and it needs complex controls to succeed.
Gorgeous, innovative piece going into the background of the city and everything involved in the city itself, told through the eyes of several members of different control group members. And Daniel. Genfic, but I've still got my slash goggles on and it played into my OTP nicely. <3 I still re-read this, the world building in it really impressed.

Flatliners - Triptychon (Dave/Nelson) by Rotaryshakes. A short piece showing how each of the characters find out about Dave and Nelson. It's one of the few things where I didn't hate Rachel. (I still can't use the word "like"... fucking Julia Roberts. But it's close.)

Dark City - Theorem by Chibi-Kaz. "Not all of the Strangers were so ominous." I love seeing minor character pieces because

And finally, recs for my obscure loves: Crossovers. The crackier, the better. XD
24/Eleventh Hour - Nuit Blanche (Jack Bauer, Jacob Hood) by speak_me_fair Randomness. Jack's brain. Coffee. Putting Things In Mouths. Bacterial Testing. Slashy Thoughts. Hands. This is the worst night of Jack's life...

Dark City/Stargate Atlantis/Iron Man/Bones/Numb3rs/NCIS/Eleventh Hour - Bull Session by bonnie131313. I really want to rec her whole universe, and at some point will sit down and link it all chronologically. There's something so adorably crackfilled yet perfect about the idea of seven geniuses as teenagers attending summer camp together and getting into various misadventures. The characters are great and the interactions are hilarious. Later on the series gets gut-clenchingly angsty and ends beautifully sweet. Love it.

FSC: Day 1

Back to the land of the living!!

Fandom Snowflake Challenge Day 1: In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Drop a link to your post in the comments.

I think the hardest part about this is picking -what- to rec. Kinda like picking a favorite child. I do keep a list of recs on the main page of zoi_prose, but I don't update them nearly as often as I should....

Dark City - Before We Met (John/Daniel>. I think this is honestly my favorite thing I've written for Dark City. And the beginning of my Primary Universe. It's an epic! romance between John and Daniel pre-movie through John being imprinted with three different identities.

Inception - Yume Yori Sutekina (Cobb/Saito). I loved writing this pairing, but eventually left the fandom when I became overwhelmed with all the Eames/Arthur. My first fic, Le Reve, is more well read and well known in the fandom but I was really pleased with the process of writing this fic. Saito goes back through three levels of dreaming to pull Cobb out of Limbo. I loved developing the different levels and the final level in limbo and I was always kind of sad it didn't get more notice. Also, ALSO. There is no porn in this fic! It's one of the few pieces that I really feel I wrought strong enough that it's an excellent piece of writing, whereas most of the time I feel like I just write excellent porn with a story slapped around it.

Phonebooth - The Change You Wanted (Stu/The Caller) Yay stockholm syndrome. XD I don't think it's possible to watch this movie without expecting there to be fucking times afterwards.

And for pure smut:
Mirrors - Isn't That what Friends are For? (Ben/Larry) I don't know if it's all the kinks or the fact that I've never really written Valentines Day sex with anyone else, but this was just fun and sweet an sexy all around.

Voice Post

528K 3:18
(no transcription available)

[Access to audio link denied]


Holy fuck, my mind, it is SO BLOWN.

I gots amazing shit for Yuletide!!! In fact, you might say that I got ALL the Kiefers! (almost.)

It Starts... - Dark City, Frank Bumstead/Eddie Walinski. Crossover fic/Songfic with "Sometime Around Midnight". I read this first 'cause the pairing isn't my usual choice and holy fuck, it TOTALLY set the bar. It's an incredible look at Eddie's awakening and everything is so, SO perfectly, eerily Dark City and the way the song is worked in is just - so skillful and perfect in ways that I never imagined possible because let's face it, I suck at songfic. My mind, it is so blown in amazing.

Leave the Thought of This Behind - Flatliners, Dave/Nelson. I read this second in the assumption that this is my main gift 'cause it's friggen 6k, omg. And then I opened it and saw that it was linked to my -third- fic, and that it had the same notes as the first fic, and that I have the most HARDCORE YULE AUTHOR EVAR, holy cow.

Nothing Left to Lose, was next, which was a Dark City Crossover, and the Nelson-is-Daniel pieces fell into place pretty quick. And then I was slain by incredibly hot sex and ANGST OF ANGSTENING and oh my god, Nelsondaniel is just....!!!! BAWWWW. You must read it to understand.

I feel so spoiled because the first fic was so amazingly expertly wrought and then I got TWICE AS MUCH. WITH KIEFER. AND ANGST-PORN. <3

After that I took a break from MY fic and perved on fic for the other girl who requested Dark City (yay!) and got The Why and Wherefore and Belonging - Unf, porn. <3 Both are very enjoyable and worth a read. The first one especially has one of the best John-voices I've EVER read, and I giggled manically with glee throughout the whole thing. :D

Finally I rounded the meal off with MY PWP gift:
A Chance Encounter which is completely delicious over-the-top fun smutty romp and again has an incredibly delightful John voice. SO HAPPY OMG.

I will read non-Kiefer stuff soon and rec more. <3
Had bath. Got almost caught up on S6 of Criminal Minds. Dammit, Prentis, I love you so hard. (Also, did you know there's a curvy little blonde version of you living up in Alberta that I want to molest? :p )

Now, the Sunday Six, stolen from quoshara, who better never quit posting it 'cause it's the only way I remember. XD

Each Sunday, post six sentences (more or less) from a writing project -- published, submitted, in progress, for your cat -- whatever.

Reid was strung up in the middle of the room, naked and facing away from him, restrained by chains that had been locked around his wrists and arms and chest waist and thighs, and he hung limply from them as they stretched from the ceiling. Morgan forced away another burst of panic, forced himself to stay still, examine the room. Small, narrow, metal, like some kind of unused meat locker or an old cargo container, with doors at one end that were shut fast, perhaps barred and locked from the other side. The chains holding Reid up were attached to winches that had been welded to the sides and ceilings of the container, but he couldn't see how to release them. Small squares of the walls had been cut away and replaced with grills in three places.

Cameras, Morgan thought; this unsub will want to watch everything.


Today current!Job announced they would match any employee donation to Japan relief organizations up to $25,000.

Oh, I shall have fun with this~~

I wonder if I could get my last help_japan recip to paypal me the money so I can get them to match the whole damn thing...? I wouldn't even mind eating the paypal fees if it meant doubling the donation to $1050 instead of only $350...

In related fundraising news, I currently have 68 paper cranes sitting on my desk at work for Paper Cranes for Japan, which has a sponsor giving $2 per every crane they collect up to 200,000. They also send you free shipping lables to send the cranes down, if there's any other origami freaks on my flist. :)

6 sentence writing meme :D

Stolen from the lovely Quo. :)
Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project -- published, submitted, in progress, for your cat -- whatever.

Since this is my first week at it, I'll do two:

Primeval: Becker/Lester/Ryan

The captain in Lester's office stood straight and neat, nothing betraying the situation apart from the tone of his voice: low, throaty, commanding. "I think you should come home with Ryan and I."

Lester did vaguely remember someone mentioning to him that the two captains were shagging, but he'd immediately set about forgetting it, the same as he did any report of the like that reached his ears. He was well aware that his staff were all shagging like rabbits: Connor and Abby, Jenny and Sarah, Quinn and some little blond scientists from the labs. Hell, even Jess seem to have hooked up with that new Captain Black that had been brought on board. He tried to ignore it because in half the cases it went against every conflict of interest policy that had ever been written, but he knew that if he tried to discipline anyone he'd wind up with no bloody staff.

AU Big Bang - Project Runway

The challenge, I eventually found out, was to create an outfit using only items bought at an army surplus store. I was more than a little jealous of Larry's tight-fitting black canvas trousers and the short bomber jacket with all the buckles and the leather collar. It was made from, I later found out, a canvas tent and a jeep bra. It looked amazing on him, Daniel's work was impeccable. I tried to tell myself that army green wasn't really my color, but I couldn't kid myself. It wasn't the jacket that I was jealous of.


Am cooking coconut rice with bacon and chickpeas and peppers/carrots/onions/garlic. I hope this will be epic (and not explode my rice cooker...)

For Takarazuka fans...

I think Hana's doing this show with her as well, like Dietrich? HOTTT.

Yuletide reveal!

A few days late, but here is the glory of Yuletide - and for good measure, the other exchanges I participated in.


For Yuletide I GOTS PORN. :D The Unintentional Alchemy of Amnesia, from aris_tgd.
Not just porn, but delicious nervous first time porn with Daniel having dirty kinky thoughts about wanting to molest John and poor John being all confused by finding that his former wife is a lesbian and oh, convenient bed-Tuning. Everything I adore, really.

For the Primeval Secret Santa, I gleefully found that the delightfully talented and kinky fififolle had written for me The Plan That Backfired, a delicious Danny/Becker fuck! or die! scenario with voyeur!Helen (YAY!) and witty banter and Danny fantasizing about Becker in his punk rock clothes and also a Kiefer and Rufus OC being generally badass. In short, I was completely spoilt rotten. XD

And for Inception, Diplomacy by a still Anon author, which is a delightfully angsty piece of Saito/Eames pre-slash. I secretly adore Saito/Eames almost as much as Cobb/Saito (the whole Tourist exchanges in movie and Eames fussing over injured Saito? Lovely.) but since Eames is Meant To Be with Arthur, it sadly never gets written. :(


My main Yuletide fic was in Dark City, Imprint, the request for which made me exceedingly gleeful, as my recipient wanted Daniel gang-banged by the Strangers. Being the sick and twisted kitten that I am, I was all too happy to comply. Also I realized I'd never written from Mr. Hand's POV before, so it was fun to explore some ideas about the beginning of the experiments.

Of course I can never resist a request for Dark City fic, so I also wrote Unpredictable for kurushi_ficage, who awes me with her world-building skills and sees the movie in such a new and interesting way. <3 I think I've read HER fic, Control, several times over now. I especially love all the ideas about the Strangers.

And I wrote some porn for El since I talked her into Yuletide in the first place and since she never requested any giftfic. :p Worship: Athos/Aramis, Three Musketeers. I blame speak_me_fair for not only getting me stuck on this pairing with HER love (and the lovely writing she does with quoshara), but for a lot of the ideas that were floating around in my head while writing - that Aramis is SO good for Athos because of his ability to understand the darkness Athos suffers from and just accept Athos as he is. Lovely boys. <3

For the Primeval Giftmas Exchange, canadian_jay wanted Danny, Lester, or Danny/Lester. I'm all for anything involving Danny, and Lester is such a fabulously dry sarcastic darling, so it was fun to try my hand at the pairing. Gonna Find Out Who's Naughty or Nice was the result, with desk!sex, spankings, mostly unintended exhibitionism, and naughty scientists. <3


Dark City John Young
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