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Zoi - still alive and checking in

I can't say how glad I am that so many of you on my flist seem to be ok - and by ok I mean not yet eating brains. I'm sorry for the delay, but we've been on the road all day, and then cleaning up this place... well, let me start from the beginning.

I got woken up from my sound sleep at about 6 this evening by the sound of chewing in my room. Apparently whatever this hell is that's awoken the dead, it also animated my dolls and made them crave plastic. Half my Jrock CDs have been turned into digested doll food ;_; (though strangely they haven't touched Gackt... I guess he's not very appetizing). The good news is that my little polyresin darlings are very good zombie hunters, and apparently saved me when my family tried to eat me :D Who knew that a doll sword to the eyeball could kill a zombie? Who knew I could sleep through my family trying to eat me??

titan_lok showed up soon afterwards, in her SUV with her sister and a couple of sawn off shotguns. The rest of her household was lost to the brain eaters, and we quickly decided to follow the example of many others and head for the mountains in hopes of finding a stronghold to fend off the zombie hordes. My sister and her husband managed to make it out with us as well, after dispatching half their apartment complex with Chy's replica swords. We piled my family's food storage and some blankets into the back of their car and my girl's SUV, along with my dolls for defense and a very large collection of tupperware to keep them fed.

For now we've holed up at the Three Sister's hotel in Canmore, which still seems to be in working order, and has been purged of zombies. I managed to get in contact with spacefille and her boy and they're safely here with us, but my cell phone died soon after and so I haven't been able to find anyone else.

The hotel has room for more survivors, so if there's anyone reading this that wants to join the commune, let me know where you are and we'll send out an escort. Any donations of food, weapons and ammo would be greatly appreciated.

~Zoi, still with brains in tact
Tags: blog like it's the end of the world
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