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BJD 100 themes... and jcrack

First of all, for everyone who's ignored my last entry - DOWNLOAD THIS. Right now. :D
+D'espairsRay+ - Angeldust

Secondly, I think I'm going to try to complete the BJD 100 photo themes. No set date, just going to work at it however. They'll be archived on kika_ningyou, though they won't be entirely of Kika.

40. Contact

I bought the elf head for Kika about 6 months ago on DoA when I saw it up for sale... I'd been contemplating buying a second head for him for a while so that I could have one Sidhe head and one human head (or perhaps a sleepign head...) so when this lovely elf head modded by the talented Armelia came up I jumped on it :D Got him for a great price as well.

I airbrushed him right away, but it took me a while to get around to painting him, party because I was a little nervous about getting his look "right" a second time since I was so fond of his original faceup. But I kind of went on a faceup rampage last week finishing Yder and redoing Shin, so... here he is.

He's a LOT more glam than the original... it just kind of went that way once I started experimenting with more eyeshadow. Plus I'm in love with my red metallic paint that I used for that and his lips. Annd, he has eyelashes for the first time ever! XD It gives him these awesome sultry bedroom eyes which fits the Sidhe countenance, I think. ^^

Not sure if I've used too much gloss on the eyelids... I might go over it with my semi-gloss. Thoughts?

I kind of wish I'd pierced his ears before I'd airbrushed him... ah well.

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