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Doll Profiles

Name: Kika
Head Type: Souldoll Paris (elf mod by Armelia)
Body Type: CP Boy Type 1
Gender: Male
Arrival Date: March 1, 2005
Status: Dating Shin
Kith: Sidhe
House: Unseelie Fiona
Favourite Colour: Red
Style: Elegant Gothic Aristocrat / Hime Lolita
Instrument: Bass
Favourite Artist: Machi (exLareine)
Flower: Red Rose
Alcohol: Umeshu
Designer: Alice Auaa, H.Naoto

Name:Nakazawa Shintaro Shin
Head Type: Lovelyhouse Shin Cho (custom ears by Zoi)
Body Type: Customhouse Boy
Gender: Male
Arrival Date: March 7, 2005
Status: Dating Kika
Kith: Nocker
Favourite Colour: Green, Gold, Black
Style: Steampunk
Instrument: Guitar
Favourite Artist: Hisashi Imai (BUCK-TICK)
Alcohol: Jack Daniels
Designer: Black Peace Now, Sex Pot Revenge

Name: Gi / Kobayashi Michiko
Head Type: SOOM Gena (modded)
Body Type: Volks DD2
Gender: Female
Arrival Date: August 2nd, 2005
Status: Flamboyantly Single
Kith: Chu-Jung
Favourite Colour: Red, Black
Style: Punk Lolita/ Ero Lolita
Instrument: Vocal, Keyboards
Favourite Artist: Anna Tsuchiya
Flower: Tiger Lily
Alcohol: Guiness
Designer: H.Naoto (ANARCHISM, Dark Red Rum)

Name: Kuronue
Head Type: Jollyplus Gise (eyes and ears by Zoi)
Body Type: Volks SD13 long leg (Heath)
Gender: Male
Arrival Date: July 14 2006
Status: Usually single
Kith: Bat Youma
Favourite Colour: Indigo
Style: EGA
Instrument: Vocals, Violin, Cello, Double bass, Lute, Flute, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Favourite Artist: Shakespere. Gackt.
Flower: Orchid
Alcohol: Root Beer
Designer: Atelier Boz, h.Naoto (h.mens)

Name: Yuuki
Head Type: Souldoll Arhanian (modded)
Body Type: Domuya Flexibody
Gender: Male
Arrival Date: Jun 27th, 2007
Status: Contemplative
Kith: Pooka
House: Yes please
Favourite Colour: Purple Green And Yellow
Style: Closet-Kei
Instrument: Vocals
Favourite Artist: Placido Flamingo
Flower: Dandilion
Alcohol: Keg
Designer: Picasso

Name: Ambrose / Ambrosiadione
Head Type: Buddydoll Mars
Body Type: ???
Gender: Tomboy
Arrival Date: Forthcoming
Status: Single
Favourite Colour: Blue, gold
Style: Princely
Instrument: Piano
Favourite Artist: n/a
Flower: Orchid, White Rose
Alcohol: Port
Designer: Atelier Boz

Previous and Temporary members:
Name: Kurobara
Type: DoD Too (modded elf by Zoi)
Arrival Date: October 2004
Sold to: splynterhayde

Name: Kamiya
Type: CP Elf Yder
Sold to: black_narcissa
Arrival Date: May 2006

Name: ???
Type: CP Elf Yder Vamp
Sold to: n/a
Arrival Date: May 2006

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