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BJD - Rice Cosplay shoot

This morning I took advantage of my internal clock being fucked to do a shoot with my newest boys that I've been putting off for a while.

Since Rice is embarking on their first tour outside Japan, I dug up some suitably Rice-y clothing and did some happy Rice cosplay. (Kuronue makes such a cute Hiro <3 <3 )
I was very tempted to incorporate the duck boxers. But I resisted.
Also, Hiro does not play the violin. It's just a prop. Sadly, I don't have a 1/3 size drum set (oh god where would I keep it??) as cool as that would be.

Yuuki's Yuki clothes by Souldoll. Boots by Volks, wig is Monique Gold Label. Kuronue's Hiro top by CH, pants by Volks, jacket by I can't remember, wig by me. Eyes by Artistique, faceups by me.

The stars are for good luck on the tour. ^____^
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