CEO, Air Perv (zoi_no_miko) wrote,
CEO, Air Perv

DDR Hottest Party for Wii = thumbs down.

Ok. DDR for the Wii at the moment gets a huge thumbs down from me. It's obvious they just threw in a bunch of new features to make use of the Wii's Wii-ness without actually solidly testing them in game play, cause.... they suck.

1) Hand movements. Cool in theory. Except they don't have any kind of indicator for when it goes off like the steps, so it's impossible to see if you're doing it the way the computer wants you to or not. Either that or the sensitivity is fucked. And not adjustable. And of course, there isn't any decent tutorial for them, they just through you into it.

2) Double step - steps you have to hit twice on the beat. These are actually ok, but not really needed, and hard to train your brain to recognize when you're used to double steps looking like, well, two steps in a row.

3) Hand bombs. All the annoying-ness of the hand movements with the added aggrevation that they just kind of fly around the screen randomly and when they hit one of your arrows you have to swipe it back towards the other player or your meter goes down SIGNIFICANTLY. This is the greatest loose so far.

4) Foot distractors. Large annoying brightly coloured arrows that fly around the screen and obscure your steps. And you CAN'T TURN THEM OFF. Dood, if I wanted half blind or sudden death mode I'd, you know, turn it on.

5) Foot bombs. Same as above but if you accidently step on them your meter goes down significantly.

6) Screen Stompers. Steps you HAVE to step on or a giant gray ball rolls up and obscures your screen. Yeah.

The result of all this? DDR newbie HELL. Seriously, there's no way they can expect anyone who hasn't had a decent amount of DDR gameplay in the past to be able to pick these all up at once AND teach their brain to read the steps properly. So unless you're having a Hottest Party full of seasoned DDR players... this game is absolutely useless.
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