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Rockstar Taste of Chaos Canada update

The Rockstar Taste of Chaos Presale ends on January 11th at 5 p.m. EST.

Time's running out for pre-sale tickets to the U.S. shows! Remember, pre-sale tickets let you in early, meaning they're your only shot at those front row spaces in any standing lives---just one of the many perks that come with buying via pre-sale. A few of the pre-sales have closed, so don't wait any longer!

Also, we've received questions regarding the Canadian dates.

RTOC is going to the U.S. and Canada. Nothing has been completely set in stone, but we are giving you a heads-up that unfortunately, as of right now, the Canadian wing of RTOC will not include the Jrock bands; only the U.S. wing. We will wait to edit previous posts until a formal announcement has been made, but we wanted to keep everyone updated.

Yeah, you guys are getting a big 'ol FUCK YOU from me.

Seriously disappointed that RToC apparently seems to have added more american dates to the Jrock leg to fuck the canadians out of seeing some decent asian music.

I would have possibly considered looking into shipping down to the US to see this, but - wait! No one announced anything until most of the presales have closed, and there's no way I'm shepping out plane fare when all I can get is a crappy ticket.

Poor show on the part of both Jrock Revolution and ToC.
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