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Versailles in Texas

I started writing this in a comment to Inertia and then it got so long that I figured I should just make it into my entry... ^^;

Super fun time at Akon. Much thanks to Sephie/Nikki/Neme and co who were great to hang out with and be all fangirly. XD It was super great to meet you all, I had a lot of fun!

At the concert they did the songs from Noble and most of Lyrical Sympathy. Kamijo didn't sing Meta like he did in Europe, maybe because by the time Budo Grape was done their 100000 songs of repetitiveness it was kinda late -_-; But the band really seemed to have a lot of fun, and Kamijo was the same kind of... regal intense flirty Kamijo that I remember when I saw him in Lareine in Nagoya. And I think they appreciated having some obvious Versailles fans at the front even if we weren't that great at remembering the furi and kind of just did whatever fit at the moment ^^;;; And they played Sympathia which is my so far Versailles favorite. ^__^ Really great sound live, though I wish Kamijo's mic had been a little bit louder.
Also I got a You pic <3 <3 <3

We waited in line for merch/signing after the show, but didn't make it through before the poor band members had to go sleep. Some people were talking about camping out, so we went back to our room long enough to shower and nap, and then hon went down at like, 4:30am to wait for me while I got mostly ready in my Jasmine costume, and we did our makeup in line waiting for the 11am signing. ^^;

Yuki saw me first and his eyes just kind of lit up and he said "Ah, Jasmine!" and then asked me how I got the small calander that I took to get signed, since they didn't limit what you could get signed as long as you bought something there. Kamijo held both our hands very intensely kind of cupped in both of his? and thanked us. Hon was wearing Bara wa Kamijo and says he recognized it and seemed really happy. I gave all the members little packages with a very short letter, some maple syrup candies and a glass coaster with a Canadian maple leaf, since I couldn't think of anything else that was small and useful. Except I bought a magic trick for Jasmine which I hope he can use in his pursuit of being a magician. ^____^

When I met him I got the "Ah, Jasmine!" and he seemed really happy as well. Then when I saw him at the Q&A where we got front row I gave him a <3 and he gave me one back, and we blew kisses at each other on his way out the door. ^___^

The Q&A was amusing as hell. Kamijo was trying to be all SERIOUS KAMIJO but just ended up goofing off with the rest of the band. Hon hadn't ever really seen how Kamijo can be like that, and though he was just about the most awesome and adorable thing ever. ^__^ At one point they all had to pay compliments to the member to their right and he just made Teru stand up and pointed at his stomach. XD They were also asked to describe themselves in one word, and he straight away claimed the mic to say "Bounjouuuur, Honey!" and make all the Lareine fans giggle and cheer. Yuki also admitted his hometown at one point in time and they all made fun of him for being a hick and told us all that the location wasn't allowed to leave the room XD

Hm, what else was cute... They did the animal question, and Hizaki says he's becoming more and more like his Persian cat every day... Kamijo said he was a very big fan of the Vampire Chronicles (big surprise there :P ) When asked what age they were when they started playing guitar, Hizaki said three hundred and something and Teru said 3. When they were asked about cosplay all the members were like "Cute" and "it makes us really happy" except for You who looked over and said "Perfect!" ###^_^###

I don't think there was a whole lot more that's not common knowledge already... they asked Kamijo about John Williams and he said that he didn't have a favorite song but when he heard a preview for 'Terminal" was when he got into the composer's work. Then they asked if he was a star wars fan, and he was like (in his cute engrish) "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... that is future.... I am..... past. I prefer.... fantashy." but that he respected Speilberg's work. Most of them said their favorite part about America was the fans, but Yuki said he also liked the meat. XD There wasn't a lot of other interesting questions of note that I can remember.

Sunday signing was pretty short, and Kamijo and Teru were a little late because of an apparent wardrobe malfunction. They'd worked the signings so that the lineup went on either side of a red carpeted hallway that the band came down, which I thought was a really great effect for them to come out to filled with cheering fans. All the Versailles events were packed to the point that they were turning a ton of people away. I really hope they're as well received in LA because people really seemed to appreciate them here (and afaik nothing embarrassing happened.)
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