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Fanfic for Earthquake Relief!

Mind's Eye - Dark City, R, Schreber/(Murdoch)
As he goes about the Strangers experiments, Daniel Schreber is surprised to find pieces of his own lost memory... in the memories of someone else.
GORGEOUS Schreber piece. I love what she's done with him and the bits of background she's given him, and it's lovely and hot and angsty and makes me want to write fanfic. XD SO. Go read and comment. :D

TL/DR version:

So: I thought the help_haiti thing was just awesome, and I went through the big damn auction list after seeing a couple flisters offer up their services. Someone was actually offering Dark City which made me squee, until I got to the "Gen Only" part, which made me very sad.

But! They have a Requests! post for small fandoms! So I told the little "you shouldn't be spending money" voice in my head to shut up, because after all, it's for a Good Cause, and threw up an incredibly self-serving request. I half expected random Lost Boys if I even got any response at all, so imagine my joy when neopeius wrote me Schreber fic!!! <3 <3 <3 It does my little fangirly heart good.

If any flisters want to take a stab at writing me Kiefer Slash, btw, I will make another donation, same terms. :)

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In other news: Primeval(S3) is fucking awesome and I LOVE Danny Quinn. <3 Part of this may have something to do with spending the first episode thinking, "You know, I could totally see him acting just like this while running around New York chasing Haunted Mirrors".... XD But in all seriousness, he's super bad-ass fabulous awesome and Win.


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Jan. 16th, 2010 09:09 pm (UTC)
LOL CLEARLY.(but unfortunately, I still need a goddamn job.) XD
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