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Random question meme generator~

I blame the codedine.

Source: Question Meme Generator

1. What if you found out that John was secretly an alien plotting to take over the world together with Larry?

Oh god. I'm not even sure if I want to imagine how this would turn out, except there would probably be a lot of nudity.

2. If Larry and Jack Bauer teamed up, what would they accomplish?

A very novel new form of interrogation. XD

3. Who would you rather get stuck in handcuffs with, Ben or Dave Labraccio?

Omnomnom, Ben can handcuff me any day.

4. Super fun fun adventure amusement park marathon with you, Nelson and Daniel! How will it go?

Daniel would probably be the type that holds the bags and waits at the end of the ride and has a secret adoration of cotton candy. Nelson would spend far too much on fair games and then bitch about how they're all rigged anyway. XD

5. Leon is actually David the Vampire in disguise, you know.

This is a question?? LOL.

6. Frank suddenly knows all your secrets. What do you have to say about that?

Clearly Frank already knows EVERYONE's secrets, because he's Frank. (Frank, I'm so sorry I've given you a weakness for pederasty... ^^;; )

7. Can David the Vampire be bad influence?

David would say he is the root of all bad influence.

8. What is or would be a good nickname for Larry?

He Who Must Be Shagged.

9. Ben got turned into an animal! What animal is it?

Easy. A Golden retriever or a golden lab. <3

10. What song could be John's theme song?

He's partial to the Batman theme at the moment. ^^;
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