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CEO, Air Perv

Happy Yule! - Giftmas Offerings

Since it seems like all of my friends are either not participating in Yuletide! or not giving me yule letters, here is my Giftmas post in lieu of anything like Christmas cards or postcards. :D

Merry Yule, all my lovelies!

I would very much like to write you a drabble for (or shortly after) the holidays in a fandom/character/pairing/threesome of your choosing. Please post here with your Dear Zoi! request. I don't stick to word limits as a rule, but there will be something cute and porny or fluffy as your little heart desires. Specific bunnies/prompts are welcome but I may or may not adhere to them. ;)

I am happy to write:
Primeval, Clover, Inception absolutely anything involving any character played by Kiefer Sutherland (Brat Pack RPS, Lost Boys, 24, Dark City, Mirrors, Flatliners, Young Guns, Phone Booth)
The Eleventh Hour, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Tokyo Babylon, White Collar, The Brothers Bloom, FFX-2, FF12, Stardust, Road to El Dorado, Good Omens, Kamikaze Girls, Nana, Bound, Legion, Shutter Island, Jacob Hood, and I might possible be able to get the muse to come back for some Inglourious Basterds but I can't guarantee it will be any time soon. ^^;

Cracky crossovers are also a possibility. Also I can't do RPS with anyone who's not Kiefer.

(Speaking of, I AM still working on Kiefer/Charlie Sheen, but at the moment they won't stop arguing about who gets to top to get any action in between the dialogue.)

ETA: And since people keep asking, I love anything involving any Kiefer, Cobb/Saito, or Danny Quinn. XD
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