CEO, Air Perv (zoi_no_miko) wrote,
CEO, Air Perv

The Sleeping Dhampier

The Sleeping Dhampier is a Limited Edition Delf Sleeping Vampire-Elf Yder in normal skin, by Cerebus Project/Luts. He is brand new and has only been removed from the box for these photos and his esthetics. Faceup has been completed with professional quality artist chalk pastels, watercolour pencils and acrylics with several layers of the original Mister Super Clear. He also has eyelashes from Volks.

Yder's torso has been sanded, coated and blushed with a gothic-style cross backpiece tattoo done in watercolour pencils and art pastels. All aesthetics have been completed by me to professional standards.

This doll is currently for auction for Japan Tsunami Relief efforts on help_japan.

Faceup and Aesthetics:

Tags: bjd, bjd photos
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