CEO, Air Perv (zoi_no_miko) wrote,
CEO, Air Perv

6 sentence writing meme :D

Stolen from the lovely Quo. :)
Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project -- published, submitted, in progress, for your cat -- whatever.

Since this is my first week at it, I'll do two:

Primeval: Becker/Lester/Ryan

The captain in Lester's office stood straight and neat, nothing betraying the situation apart from the tone of his voice: low, throaty, commanding. "I think you should come home with Ryan and I."

Lester did vaguely remember someone mentioning to him that the two captains were shagging, but he'd immediately set about forgetting it, the same as he did any report of the like that reached his ears. He was well aware that his staff were all shagging like rabbits: Connor and Abby, Jenny and Sarah, Quinn and some little blond scientists from the labs. Hell, even Jess seem to have hooked up with that new Captain Black that had been brought on board. He tried to ignore it because in half the cases it went against every conflict of interest policy that had ever been written, but he knew that if he tried to discipline anyone he'd wind up with no bloody staff.

AU Big Bang - Project Runway

The challenge, I eventually found out, was to create an outfit using only items bought at an army surplus store. I was more than a little jealous of Larry's tight-fitting black canvas trousers and the short bomber jacket with all the buckles and the leather collar. It was made from, I later found out, a canvas tent and a jeep bra. It looked amazing on him, Daniel's work was impeccable. I tried to tell myself that army green wasn't really my color, but I couldn't kid myself. It wasn't the jacket that I was jealous of.
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