CEO, Air Perv (zoi_no_miko) wrote,
CEO, Air Perv


Today current!Job announced they would match any employee donation to Japan relief organizations up to $25,000.

Oh, I shall have fun with this~~

I wonder if I could get my last help_japan recip to paypal me the money so I can get them to match the whole damn thing...? I wouldn't even mind eating the paypal fees if it meant doubling the donation to $1050 instead of only $350...

In related fundraising news, I currently have 68 paper cranes sitting on my desk at work for Paper Cranes for Japan, which has a sponsor giving $2 per every crane they collect up to 200,000. They also send you free shipping lables to send the cranes down, if there's any other origami freaks on my flist. :)
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