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Hello, holdidays. And viruses.

Well, I got hit with a roto/notovirus right after boxing day and spent 24 hours vomiting etc, and now I've got a cough/cold that may or may not be smoking inflicted, so I'm pretty much grumpy about ALL the things, especially because I really desire to write some hot porn and just... CAN'T. Though it has given me a lot of time to read Yuletide (and play facebook games.) And to let the cat lay all over me like the needy little bitch she is. =^.^=

On the upside, I finally got my first Rec for Yuletide. Twice! I feel kind of undeserving, if only because the fandom is very friendly to recs and I'm the only one that wrote in it, but at the same time doing the writing was super challenging and I fretted a lot about not being able to do justice to the canon, so... it does feel really good. :3

I always feel like I want to do a rec post, but the problem is that I always end up wanting to recommend pretty much EVERYTHING written in MY tiny fandoms. So I'll just round them up here. And all the fics I got are A-MAZ-ING and lovely and filled me with squee. I posted them to darkcity_fic on Christmas without realizing I should probably put them here, too....

Please enjoy the shit out of these with me, and if you have the chance leave some Yule-love for the authors in comments!

Title: John Murdoch, John Murdoch
Pairing: John/Daniel, 7455 words
Summary: “Who are you?” “We might ask the same question, yes?”
Rec: Omg. I was so completely caught up in this tale. I'm always SO in awe of people that can deliver on plot (Because I can't.) Great built of tension and mystery and great slow build of relationship. I'm so stoked to re-read this in the days that follow.

Title: Forest for the Trees
Pairing: John/Daniel, 1028 words
Summary: Years after the city has moved on, one small accident changes John's perspective.
Rec: TREES!! I never expected to be so completely delighted by trees, ever! It's such a delightful little piece and made me squee with mushy happiness and I love the little world building ideas that sneak into it as well.

Annnd, since I like to perv on other people's gifts:
Title: The Things You Never Lose
Pairing: John/Daniel, 4229 words
Summary: 'It is quite simple, John. Nothing is real. Nothing you remember, nothing from before that night that you woke up in the hotel room, happened. Until you make it real.'
Rec: OMNOMNOM HOT SEX. That's clearly all I need to say.


Last but not least... Flatliners! <3 <3 <3

Title: Cruelest Cut of All
Pairing: David Labraccio/Nelson Wright, 3707 words
Summary: Nelson is broken. He's sick, somehow, and David just knows that he could save him. David is the only one who can keep up with him, the only one who can meet him on equal ground and force Nelson to acknowledge him. Only... Nelson doesn't want to be saved. Nelson refuses to be saved. And, as always, that cuts worst of all."
Rec: Omg. Introspective, self-proclaimed asshole Dave and broken, broken Nelson~! I love it so much.


Dec. 30th, 2012 04:21 am (UTC)
Yay for getting recced! :D That is the most AWESOME feeling! :D And yay for triple gift!fic, too! ^_^

...not so yay for being really sick, though. :( I hope you feel better! (Though I think we can all agree that anything that puts one in a position to cater to one's cat's overly needy needs is a Good Thing (TM)... at least from the kitty's perspective. ^_~)

Edited at 2012-12-30 04:23 am (UTC)