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Dear... NotPrimeTime-Goat?

Oh, by the way, flisters, not_primetime is Open for signups. Like Yuletide, but with bigger fandoms. Figure it's worth a shot.

I'm actually kind of stoked for this, 'cause it might give me the excuse to write in some fandoms I normally wouldn't play in. :D

Fandom 1: Primeval
Characters: Danny Quinn, Hilary Becker
Details: Hnnng these MEN. I have the world's most ridiculous crush on Jason Flemyng, and Danny's such a Marty Stu that I can't help but madly love every bit of him. Anything with Danny being AMAZEBALLS will make me deleriously happy. If he's being hot and sexy with Becker, that's even better. Or snarky and bromancy. Or sweet and romantic. Or playing hide and seek in the vents. Or rescuing people from dinos. DANNY. <3

Any and all other characters welcome as supporting/background characters, couples, etc. Even the dead ones. Or the Fanon OCs. Or puppies.

Fandom 2: Inception
Characters: Dom Cobb, Saito
Details: Cobb and Saito are still one of my dearest pairings. Fic doesn't have to be explicit or even focused on romance, but I'd really like it if possible they could be together in some sense. I've always loved the idea of these two coming to understand each other because of their time in limbo together and I was always kind of heartbroken that they never really caught on with fandom. I also love the idea of them and Cobb's adorable kids (oh noes, domestic kink!).
If slash really isn't your thing friendship fic is ok, or dream!team fic as long as Cobb and Saito are heavily featured.
I'm ok with inclusion of any other background characters or couples your little heart may desire.

Fandom 3: Revolution
Characters: Sebastian Monroe, Miles Matheson
Details: These boys! With the angst and the love and the rejection and the blood and the crazy and all the FEELS. I'm happy for pretty much anything Miloe as long as they're both alive at the end. Angsty sex? Great. Make-up sex? Also great. Fix-it fics? Happy Bromance? Moments from their youth before they got all crayngsty? Anything!
(Also, if you want to include some Jeremy that would be awesomesauce. I'm very fond of the fandom bicycle.)

(I almost requested X-Men First Class, but Azazel wasn't a nominated charater. *pouts*)
Tags: fandom, fanfic, not prime time, not_primetime 2013
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