CEO, Air Perv (zoi_no_miko) wrote,
CEO, Air Perv

Person of Interest

I made the mistake of THINKING, ug, and realized that the Reese/Finch dynamic is basically like,

Ben/Daniel, but with Larry murdered just when Ben's made the decision to leave Amy

And Daniel having to fake his death to keep an (obviously not supernatural) John safe knowing that he'll never be able to be with him again

So they're two broken halves that used to be whole and they don't quite fit together but this neverending quest to save the world one person at a time is so important that they somehow form a perfect circle when together even if they still have huge holes inside them (god I might have to use this line sometime)

aka OW THEY HURT ME SO BAD ;_____; and I love it, obs.
Tags: person of interest
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