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Dear Chocolate BOX match!

I'm SO EXCITED about this adorable exchange that I have never heard about but somehow someone still nominated all these THINGS I love? I'm excited we matched and I hope you enjoy writing for me! I'm good with anything from fluffy sweet innocent shipping to dank and dirty fucking, so have at it!


Dark City - John/Daniel, Anna(Emma)/May

This fandom is the canoe I will never stop rowing. I love it. I love that there were so many pairings nominated for it! John/Daniel is obs my OTP 5ever and the simple and beautiful realization that they would, in their knowledge of the truth of the city, _need_ each other post-movie is what launched me into literally 8 years of writing fanfic. BUT I'm also super super fond of the ladies, they're such beautiful beautiful plucky Noir tropes with so much potential! I'm also totally good with either/both the sultry lounge-singer Emma identity and the girl-next-door-ticket-seller Anna.

My favorite thing in the world is re-discovering Dark City through the eyes of another writer. Please feel free to screw around with canon at will if it suits the creative process, AUs are great too - anything from the "X tiny thing changed in canon" type AU to "completely different universe" AU. Any other characters and pairings from the movie are welcome but not required.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Saionji/Touga, Mikage/Mamiya

Oh man, Utena I think will always be my favorite anime series by far, so much that like - I really want to go back and watch it again but am afraid that it won't stand up to my memories of it? So FANFIC! Both these pairings have really great dynamics that I adore - Saionji and Touga have that marvelous angsty brotherly-rivalry thing going on but are totally secretly each other's brides, and Mikage and Mamiya have such a beautiful tragic fucked up story, I love their being dark foils for Utena and Anthy. <3 Give me fluff, give me smut, give me canon-appropriate wtf-ness, give me crack, AUs, it's all great.

Primeval: Danny Quinn/Ethan Dobrowski

OMG, Quinncest. <3 Oh man. So like, I love Danny. Like LOVE love Danny, his actor is tier 1 actor crush, he's so goddamn weird-sexy with that beautiful dick-sucking mouth. And I feel like his story, and the Ethan-Patrick reveal is hands down the best writing that they did on that whole goddamn series. And what could make it even better? INCEST. XD (PS my proudest fandom moment was being the first person to use Quinncest.) This can be sweet and innocent or mutually hot. I'm also ok with twisted and dubconny as long as it's Ethan taking advantage of Danny, not the other way around.

Also if for whatever reason you aren't feeling the pairing or are just here for treat writing, I also SUPER love Danny/Becker, and Danny/Connor is pretty hot, too. In fact I'm super into Danny with any of the dudes including the Denial OCs except for Matt/Philip/Leek.

General Likes/Dislikes:

I'm bad at giving prompts but to help guide here's some things I like and a few things that make me NOPE:

General Likes: Slash, Romance, smut, fluff, anything involving the requested characters furthering their relationship in some manner (romantic or friendly-like). Cracktastic crossovers and AUs. Epic!Plot is fun if that's your thing, but I'm happy just with relationship stuff or plotless fluffy moments in time. <3 Angst is awesome, UST-that-gets-resolved, domestic kink if it's in character.... drunken shenanigans, Character explorations involving romance.... dirty, dirty explicit sex. PWPs are also completely ok. I am also okay with same-sex-same-generation incest or doppleganger-cest if that does it for you, which I guess could come up in a cracktastic crossover? I'm actually okay with A/B/O and knotting as long as it does not involve or lead to Mpreg in any way. It's an interesting dynamic to explore.

General Dislikes: Mpreg, furry, het (unless it's genderswap, that can be fun, although double gender swap is better because lesbians!), pedo, scat, deathfic, completely unresolved angst. Use of the word "cum" (with that spelling), character assassination