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It's Yuletide!!

Hello, dear author! I'm so excited that we matched and I hope you have a great time Yuletiding for me! Please be assured that I am SUPER easy to please. All I want for Christmas is Kiefer. :3

Signup Summary:
AO3 name: Zoi no miko (zoi_no_miko)
Dark City - John, Daniel
Flatliners - Nelson, Dave
Young Guns - Josiah "Doc" Scurlock

HELL YEAH: Slash, Romance, smut, fluff, anything involving the requested characters furthering their relationship in some manner (romantic or friendly-like). Cracktastic crossovers and AUs. Epic!Plot is fun if that's your thing, but I'm happy just with relationship stuff or plotless fluffy moments in time. <3 Angst is awesome, UST-that-gets-resolved, domestic kink if it's in character, drunken shenanigans, Character explorations involving romance.... dirty, dirty explicit sex. PWPs are also completely ok. I am also okay with same-sex-same-generation incest or doppleganger-cest if that does it for you, which I guess could come up in a cracktastic crossover? I'm actually okay with A/B/O and knotting as long as it does not involve, mention or lead to Mpreg in any way. It's an interesting dynamic to explore.

NOPE NOPE NOPE: Mpreg, furry, het (unless it's genderswap, that can be fun, although double gender swap is better because lesbians!), pedo, scat, deathfic, completely unresolved angst. Use of the word "cum" (with that spelling), character assassination

1) Flatliners - Nelson Wright, David Labraccio

The interactions between these two characters totally made this movie, in my humble opinion. Best friends, friendly competition, maybe more? I love how they both seem to be the only ones who can effect the others stubborn nature. Slash preferred, gen is ok, but please don't pair either up with Rachel. Exploring how they first met or relations pre-movie would be fun, or angsting about relationships post-movie, or even just some fun bromance fic or school friends/rivals fic. Smut and/or PWP welcome, please no het.

(Also, if you've seen the "remake/reboot/sequel" by the time you start writing and feel inspired to weave it in somehow feel free (I can't believe Nelson would go by such a terrible fake name but I'm sure fic could provide a perfect fix/explanation!)

2) Dark City - John Murdoch, Daniel Schreber

Anything with these two being awesome will make me ridiculously happy. They're my OTP but I also really enjoy the few friend-fics I've read of them too. I'm engrossed in the idea that, with the way the movie ends, they'd need each other to keep going forward. The only two humans in the city truly aware of it's nature and history.
Genfic is fine but in that case I'd prefer no het/other romantic relationships involving these two.

My favorite thing in the world is discovering it again through the eyes of a new writer. Please feel free to screw around with canon at will if it suits the creative process, AUs are great too - anything from the "X tiny thing changed in canon" type AU to "completely different universe" AU - as long as these two characters are in tact, good and in some kind of positive relationship with each other (romance, new-discovered friendship, established friendship, partners-in-crime... anything!) <3 Any other characters and pairings from the movie are welcome but not required. I'm also a fan of Emma-Anna/May if it tickles your fancy to throw in some background lesbians.

3) Young Guns - Josiah "Doc" Scurlock

While I'm generally not a huge fan of the Western genre, Doc is just such a goddamn adorable little cinnamon roll that I'd love something of him for Yuletide. I ship him with both Dick and Chavez, but I'd also okay with him and his wife as long as it wasn't focused on their romance(or smut). Also A-ok with polyamory so don't feel the need to break them up if you wanna write him with one of the boys.

Secretly I would LOVE a Young Guns/Westworld crossover if that might be your thing, or any kind of fusion/au with a sci-fi fandom/world.

And if you're here to write me treats, bless your lovely little heart.

I like basically every fandom involving Kiefer Sutherland (though again, not big on het).

Crossover/AUs: I also have a weakness for amazeballs world building concepts like Westworld, Inception and Pacific Rim and some of my favorite TV shows are Person of Interest, Hannibal, White Collar, Black Sails, Agent Carter, Penny Dreadful, Firefly, Limitless, Primeval, Fringe, Altered Carbon, Sense8 and AMC's Humans. <3

ETA: Yuletide community initiatives:
I am okay with the following for any of my fandoms:
Interactive Fanfiction (Can you imagine how interesting this could be?)
Crossovers: between the fandoms above, any mainstream scifi with cool worldbuilding (though you might need to provide some context/worldbuilding explaination if I haven't seen it), and any other Kiefer Sutherland movie where he's not a murdering dick. Phone Booth & 24 are okay. :D
Yuleporn: YES.


Oct. 25th, 2018 02:10 am (UTC)
John should not be surprised to discover that Daniel had moved all his furniture to one end of his loft, erected a painter’s scaffold and is engaged in recreating the Sistine Chapel on the ceiling. The agent drops the file on Daniel’s table, removes his suit jacket and tie and climbs up to the top.

He finds Daniel on the top platform, laying across an old futon mattress and staring up at the hand of God.

“You know you’re not supposed to forge anything,” John pretends to scold as he crawls over and settles beside his CI.

“Please, unlike Michelangelo, I know women aren’t men with misshapen breasts,” Daniel smiles over at him, “No one will ever mistake this for the original.

“Possibly not,” John concedes. Daniel is wearing a faded pair of blue jeans and an old white dress shirt, both bespeckled with paint. His painting clothes he calls them. John never sees him wear denim otherwise.

“I brought over the Degas File you wanted,” John tells Daniel.

“Danke,” Daniel sighs.

“You don’t have to read it tonight,” John rolls onto his side so he can look at the artist. “Honestly Daniel, you’re doing good work. Frank and I are thrilled with our solve rate and the powers that be are very happy too.”

“That is good to know,” Daniel manages a smile.

“What is it then?” John asks because Daniel still doesn’t look happy, “Are we pushing you too hard? I can tell Frank you need a day or two.”

“It’s alright, John. Really, I’m fine,” Daniel lays a gentle hand on John’s chest.

“Daniel, please tell me what’s bothering you?” John asks the former forger.

“I – I had hoped you had come by to see me,” Daniel confesses. “Not because of work, just because you wanted to see me.”

“I…” John is shocked and thrilled all at once, “I always want to see you, Daniel.” He admits, reaching down to caress Daniel’s cheek, “Not because of work, work’s just an excuse.”

Daniel make a little moan and wind’s his arms around John’s neck, pulling him down for a kiss.

Oh gods, this is really happening, John thinks as he moves to cover Daniel’s body with his own. It’s going to happen 15 feet above the floor with Michelangelo’s Adam only partially sketched in above their heads and… His phone rings.

Daniel breaks off the kiss and stares up at him. John’s phone rings again.

“That’s a work call,” Daniel sighs, “You need to answer it.”

“I’m sorry,” John tells him as he pulls his phone out. What the hell could Frank want?

“Murdoch,” He barks curtly.

“John, I need you to get over to Daniel’s asap,” Are the first words out of Frank’s mouth.

“What’s wrong?” John asks, sitting up. Frank sounds almost frantic. Daniel’s expression goes from pouting to worried at John’s reaction.

“Book’s hitter, Hand, escaped from custody,” Frank tells him. “They found some evidence in his cell that indicates he’s gunning for Daniel.”

Oct. 25th, 2018 03:09 am (UTC)

They are such sweet babbies, longing for each other so. Now John will have to keep him safe so they can continue their "conversation" later. ;) <3